Email Marketing

Never leave another great lead behind.

70% of your visitors will buy from you or a competitor. Only 5% are ready to buy today. What do you do with the other 95%?

Answer: You engage with them through marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

Essentially, it is trigger-based automated messaging that offers:

  • Fully automated email cadences: Message triggers that match your buying cycle/marketing needs

  • Lead-scoring: Automatic rating of leads based on the demographics/behaviours that indicate a high-quality prospect

  • “Hot-listing”: Automatic moving of high-scoring prospects to a special list or campaign

With Ameriteck marketing automation consulting, you will discover there is fuel needed to leverage marketing automation’s full potential, which includes having a strategy around

  • Content development

  • Lead generation

  • Email deliverability

  • Process and training

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Email Marketing

70% of your visitors will buy from you or a competitor.

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I could not be more pleased with the design Ameriteck Web Services came up with for my website! They gave me unlimited draft revisions which I used to the max with no penalty, discourtesy, anything! So, I couldn't stop there, I had them design website, my business cards, brochures, fax sheets, envelopes, letterhead, everything! I would recommend AWS to anyone who wants a successful, professional feel to their website or corporate marketing materials.

Franco Urbaez

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I wanted to take just a minute to thank you both for all the help you provided with my website. I don’t have a lot of experience with website design and you walked me through each step making everything understandable. The attention to detail, professionalism and fast response time to my questions have been outstanding. I’m one that wants results in a timely manner and customer service is extremely important to me. You have provided both and I look forward to working with you as a team for my business in the future. Thanks again!

Bill Thompson

Ameriteck have done a very professional job upgrading our website and implementing our new Facebook presence. They were on the job immediately and stayed with it around the clock until we were completely satisfied.
I would highly recommend their services to everyone.
Thank you again,

Jeff Bowden

We’ve had great success with Ameriteck in designing, implementing, and launching our new website. They’ve been extremely responsive to all of our requests and continue to help us with all of our ongoing changes. We’re delighted that Ameriteck was able to make our website transition seamless.

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Ayman Mihiar